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Twilight can awaken the writing spirit

“The darkness of death is like the evening twilight; it makes all objects appear more lovely to the dying.” — Jean Paul


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Is it possible that there are times of the day when our writing souls are more attuned to world around us? It’s common to hear of early risers who crawl out of their beds to begin writing long before dawn breaks, their minds stirred by coffee and turned toward the rigors of accomplishment.

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And many writers swear by the moon and its haunting power to awaken the writing Muse in the wee hours of the morning, churning out thousands of words inspired by the quiet of the night.

But, then there is twilight — that nebulous time of the day when we are transitioned from light to dark. Where we see an end, but are aroused to a new beginning.

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It is during the twilight hours that it is possible for things to come in sharper view once they are heightened by a setting sun that casts shadows far and deep. Ideas can find illumination. Tired thoughts that tumbled off the page in the harried pace of the workday can now find new life. And revelation is real when pursued against the backdrop of a changing landscape that sees all light, all color slowly succumb to its own sweet repose.

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When was the last time you soaked in the beauty of twilight and let it infuse your writing with an uncommon spirit?

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