Quick write: A few of my favorite things


With November upon us and the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, it seems each new day has friends on Facebook professing gratitude for their loved ones, good health and happiness.

Today, I am grateful for porch swings.

Share your thoughts about porch swings! (Flickr: pmsanders65)

Share your thoughts about porch swings! (Flickr: pmsanders65)

They hold many memories for me that include both meaningful conversations and solitary introspection. And there are so many rich, descriptive words that can be used to describe them.

What do porch swings mean to you? Any connection there at all for you?

Just how long has it been since you let yourself swing, feel an easy breeze and hear the creak and sway of the chain?

Do we have enough porch swings in modern times or are they a relic of a bygone era that did not buzz, beep or bluster?

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Kerri S. Mabee

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