4 things to watch for and write about this holiday season


The holiday season is upon us. And while many of us may find ourselves ready to lay aside our pens and join the world, this is also a perfect time to gather up some golden little nuggets for our stories.


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Watch for conflict. There is sure to be some as families and friends gather to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. How is an argument initiated? How does it become energized? And how or does it ever resolve? Perhaps there is a conflict that is not spoken, roiling on an undercurrent that imposes awkward silences or glances askance. What does that look and feel like?

Listen to words. Note the tone of voice and square it with the message being delivered. How do the two differ? Where do the words tell a story? Or conceal a secret? Or strive to push a message that is not wholly sincere?

Use your senses. Tap into touch by enjoying the textures that surround you. Soak up smells. Savor tastes. What feelings do each of these senses evoke within you and in those that are around you? How can you bring them to your current writing project?

Observe your own feelings. Step outside of yourself for a brief time at the end of the day and envision yourself as you navigated the day’s events. How did you fare? What feelings are filling you? Take a moment to write them down. In fact, write it all down – all your many discoveries — and look for ways to infuse them into your storytelling for new and authentic details for your writing.

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Kerri S. Mabee

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