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Writing rituals — what gets you moving?


Writing rituals can influence a writer’s creativity to flow in ways many people can hardly imagine.

writng rituals

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Just like bit-time athletes, a lot of famous writers have rituals they perform before they write a groundbreaking story — something to help them get their creative juices flowing.

Listening to music, taking a power walk, settling in among candles and quiet — writing rituals are often a personal preference.

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At first, I personally did not believe that I even had a writing ritual, until I thought about them while making this article. I write a lot of fan fiction, so I mostly prefer to type my work on a computer than write on paper.

What are your writing rituals?

Also a lot of writers might prefer their work space to be neat or quiet. My work space most of the time would be my room and it’s not in the best condition, but I learn to work around it. I also have to listen to music in order to write or do work. It just adds to my creativity and listening to music can help me come up with new ideas and even add a certain mood or tone to it as well. Depending on the type of song I’m listening to anyway.

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Sometimes even watching TV will help get me inspired to write, depending on the show I’m watching.

So what are your writing rituals? Do you prefer a neat and quiet environment or a messy and loud environment? Do you prefer to write with a pencil or pen? Computer or paper? Everyone is different and prefers to start writing or get ideas in a different way.

Some ways may be silly than others, but if they get your ideas to flow on paper (or screen,) then do whatever possible to make them into a story you know you can write.

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