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I let all my laundry wait for the weekend. It’s not a habit of mine, certainly.

But, enough tasks kept me busy through the week so that I thought I would give myself a break from the daily grind of wash, dry, fold, replace and tackle the pile on Saturday.

As luck would have it, I washed my first load of towels – easy, right? – but when I went to toss them into the dryer, I got an error code.

I unplugged, Googled, troubleshooted, pressed buttons, unplugged again, but to no avail.

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The mounds — and I mean mounds — of laundry that I had allowed to build up throughout the week were demanding I do something.

Fortunately, while the rest of the country shivers, the sun in Southern California shines, so I did what my grandmothers used to do – I fashioned my own clothesline outside and set to work on letting our easy breezes do the job of drying my family’s laundry.

It turns out, the task wasn’t easy, and required a lot of physical work.

It seemed I spent the entire day outside, checking and re-checking for one load to be exchanged with the next.

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So, I did what any writer would have done. I brought my writing with me. But, not my lap top – I used my notebook and a sharpened pencil.

And I wrote.

Maybe it was the breeze, or the heady scent of sun infused into our freshly-cleaned sheets and clothes, but I was reminded how invigorating it can be to write while sitting outside.

The quiet, punctuated the barking of a few neighborhood dogs, or a passing car or child’s play, offered me a new direction in my writing this weekend.

Sears stopped by this morning and got my dryer humming again. But, I am grateful today for the reminder to step outside my cozy little comfort zone and write in new places for new ideas.

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