Writing jobs — where to find them and how to keep them


You need a writing job. Or maybe even just some extra cash. Wouldn’t it be great if you could be paid to do what you already love to do? You may have been told that achieving career in writing is akin to becoming a superstar on the silver screen. In fact, you may as well just tryout for a major league baseball team –that’s how good your odds are of getting a paid writing job.

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Well, actually, your chances are much better than that.

The fact is, many writers across the world are able to make a career out of this noble profession. Is the money going to send you into the money-earning stratosphere? Probably not. But it may just pay your mortgage.

Writing jobs is one of the most reliable online sites to provide writing jobs leads. All of the gigs are the real-deal and include such genres as magazines, online work, public relations, trade work and more. — known as the pulse of media — gives writers the low-down on the latest and greatest news in this fast-changing industry. But, check out the jobs listings section that will list jobs that pay you to write. has been helping writing hopefuls find paying gigs for a good while now. They offer everything from writing jobs to resources and informative articles that help professionals improve their skills. is a personal favorite, helmed by veteran writer Angela Hoy. She not only keeps writers informed of timely jobs, but also warns of not-so-reputable companies promising big money, but then bailing as soon as they have the copy in hand. is another great online jobs board that helps connect writers with companies and clients that will pay quality cash for quality content. It also allows bloggers to connect with each other for resources and support.

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What writing jobs sites have you had the most success with? Be sure to share in the comments section below.

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