New Year: Time to explore new writing horizons


With all that writing you accomplished in November as part of NaNoWriMo, is it possible that you have gas left in the tank to gear up for your writing goals for the New Year? Enough for a few New Year’s writing resolutions? Consider these tips for exploring new writing horizons in the New Year:


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Challenge yourself. Write or read a new or unfamiliar genre. Not a fan of mystery novels? Never really given thought to delving into a steamy romance? Give it a whirl. The new genre may kick start some new ideas for you and inspire you onto some new and thrilling path.

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Stir something new into your writing routine. Move from your sofa to the local library. Visit a coffee shop to get the creative juices flowing. Or consider taking up residence in a writing-themed colony where you will be sure to complete your writing goals.

Let go. Seriously. Just stop thinking so highly of yourself. Give up the need to be perfect and just write. Accept whatever craziness scrawls onto the page and just go with it. Don’t be afraid of breaking a few rules along the way. Innovation has a way of sprouting from such freedom.

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Forego Facebook. And Twitter and Instagram and all the social media madness that has a way of shaping our inner narratives and worse, luring us from our pages. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled away from your goals. And don’t allow the quiet storm of social media to deflate your creativity.

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