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On writing through adversity


Adversity is all around us. It’s on the television and in our newsfeeds — all wrapped up in the tragedy and illness of loved ones and strangers. We donate money and we promise prayers and we thank our lucky stars that we are so blessed to be free of such a burden.


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But are we? Free of adversity, I mean.

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The truth is we face adversity every morning that we swing our legs around and off the bed and trudge into the day. We have our aches. We endure losses. We face challenges through those we love. Those we hate. We sometimes lack courage. We feel sick. Lonely. Angry. Judged.

If we’re smart, that’s when we will write.

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Writing through adversity is one of the most creative and vital things we can do to grow our craft. To make our work human and compelling, honest and real.

In fact, the best writers immediately recognize that creative and innovative thinking is often borne of hardship. It’s what inspires us to see the world differently.

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How can you use your own personal adversity to fuel your writing?

–Open your eyes to a new perspective. Consider what you are learning. How can you apply it to your life and your writing?

–Use misfortune to apply broad strokes. Think bigger and deeper. Let your mind travel to places that are new and unusual.

–Allow tragedy to nudge you. Allow yourself to feel impassioned. Set ambitious goals for word counts and push yourself through difficult writing times.

–Reinvent yourself. Take note of how you have transformed. Pursue new avenues. Take risks that you would have otherwise shied away from.

–Cut yourself some slack. Know when to let go of the pressure and stress. Lay down your burden to produce something perfect and just write because you love to do so.

–Heal. Write words that offer comfort to your soul. And give yourself nourishment and care by reading the words of others.

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