Writers: Would you, could you on a train?


Famed novelist Toni Morrison did it in the mornings. And the legendary Ernest Hemingway liked to do it standing up.

(Flickr: jpmueller99)

(Flickr: jpmueller99)

However you prefer to write, you have to be impressed with this offer from Amtrak – writers ride free.

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Here’s this from The Wire’s Ben Cosman: “Amtrak has begun offering “writers’ residencies” to, well, writers – long roundtrip rides aboard Amtrak trains dedicated solely for the purpose of writing.”

Now, this is interesting.

There is a part of me that would love to hop on board, sink down into a seat, lean my head against the window and dream.

My notepad would sit next to me; my pencil at the ready while I waited for the blur of the passing landscape and the train’s gentle rocking to knock some inspiration into my head.

What say you?

Are you inclined to take advantage of this tremendous offer?

Does the idea of exploring parts unknown alarm or enthuse you?

What project are you currently working on and how would this opportunity move you in a forward direction?

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