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Writers invited to launch books in a big way


For writers looking to promote their work or stay abreast of the writing world and all of its news and happenings, there is the One Big Book Launch. Event organizer Sarah Juckes shares with

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Q: How did you come up with the idea for this event?

A: One Big Book Launch was formed as an initiative in the latter part of 2013 after we’d been speaking to authors on ¬†about the difficulties of marketing a new title as a debut author. We heard that book launches in particular were always a little ‘disappointing’ for new authors – often only a small event with family and friends. As has a thriving community of authors, we created the One Big Book Launch to harness the power of collaboration as a means to increase discoverability.

One book launch might only receive an audience of ten or so people. But launch ten books together, and every author involved has an audience of a hundred readers to launch to. is known for being a little unusual when it comes to publishing (it’s in our name!) so we were eager to experiment with this new type of book event.

Q: What has been the response so far?

A: As a new and unusual initiative, we weren’t sure what to expect. Although we originally created the event for self-publishing authors, we were surprised to see a number of large publishers submitting titles. It seems that the issue of discoverability is something that effects all new authors, and it’s great to see authors and publishers collaborating from across the industry.

Last year’s event had a real festival atmosphere, and it was wonderful to hear so many calls for another event this year. We were inundated with submissions from authors and publishers hoping to get involved, and we have some really exciting new titles to showcase this year.

Find out more about the event and the ten books chosen here.

Q: What are your ultimate goals for the event?

A: The event aims to increase the discoverability of the titles involved, so we are working hard to ensure that each title involved in the launch receives as much exposure as possible. As they should – they were chosen as they are great books. We hope that readers will discover their next best read, writers will feel inspired to publish that book they have in that bottom drawer but – above all – we hope that everyone involved has a fantastic evening. Book launches are a chance to celebrate, so we can expect One Big Book Launch to be one big celebration!

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