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For those writers whose goal is to make a living with their craft, there are some things they must do to gain a competitive edge over the many others with the same goal.

Good grammar helps. Proper punctuation. Coherent sentence structure. These are important proficiencies.

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But just how skilled are you at writing tight and writing fast? Writing with speed and clarity is a hot commodity in these kaleidoscope times of ever-revolving stories found on the internet. News and entertainment outlets need content – like, 10 minutes ago.

Learn to write quickly and efficiently by practicing daily with stream-of-consciousness exercises. This method invites writers to put pen to paper and simply write whatever comes to mind. Let the words stream onto the page and give no worry to punctuation or spelling or grammar. Just write.

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Put this into practice every day and aim for speed. The exercise, when timed, will put your writing brain in the habit of performing under pressure. Before long, you will find not only your speed increase, but your clarity as well.

Transfer this new skill to your novel writing for a fresh, new approach to your craft and you will enjoy increased productivity and a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

Kerri S. Mabee is managing editor at and founder of Breeze Media & Communications. Learn more about her at

Kerri S. Mabee

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