Vote: Do you favor digital or traditional books?


It’s time to vote. Election Day 2014 is here, so it’s only fitting that we explore one of the most important debates to touch writers and readers in modern times.

When it comes to books, do you prefer traditional or digital?

Let’s face it — there are many writers out there who fell in love with their craft because of the bond they formed with a book. Who doesn’t  love cracking the spine, then fanning the pages and letting them lift the book smell to their nose? It’s an experience that is tactile, intimate and fully immersive.

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But, then there are those — and there are many — who have stepped forward to embrace the eBook. Digital books are quickly downloaded and easily obtained as brick-and-mortar bookstores have dwindled. They are convenient, less costly and the copy flies by with the just the subtle swipe of a fingertip.

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So, there you have it. Each has its advantages.

And now it’s time to vote

Which is your personal preference? And don’t say “both.” Today is the day that you finally pick a side.



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