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On using color to jumpstart your writing goals

It’s not unusual for a writer to suddenly feel lost when writing a scene. What began as unbridled momentum and inspiration can suddenly slow to a sluggish halt. For no apparent reason, all that energy simply boils down to a simmer. And if you’re not careful, the ideas that were once rolling hot will go cold.


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This was my experience recently. So, a few nights ago I resolved to meditate on a solution. I closed my eyes and told myself that a new inspiration, a new vision would soon come to me.
It did not come. Sort of.
What did happen is that I watched the scene materialize before me in color. And not just any color. I saw the scene enfolded in various shades of sea foam green. Lighter, then deepening hues melted across my mind like a sweet lime sherbet.
So, this was something. I’d asked my writing mind to give me guidance and what I received was a drenching of color. And not a typical color. Because the action in this particular time in the novel did not reflect the softer, muted tones of sea foam, I decided that the color actually called for a sea change, a new direction in the telling. Like a new direction that could mean a softer, more nuanced description of the character’s motives.
Have you tried tapping into color to help develop your writing? Close your eyes. What color do you see? And how can it move your project forward?
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