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Tips to reclaim your writing mojo


Writing is hard work. It takes a dedication of time and energy that can be difficult to muster when placed against the demands of daily life. And, like any other creative endeavor, writing calls for enough passion to keep going even when it doesn’t seem possible.


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There are a lot of obstacles to overcome in the quest to write. Family obligations, vacations, holidays and those pesky day jobs all get in the way of writing.

The path to writing can also be encumbered by internal strife when stress or uncertainty break down the motivation to put words on the page.

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Fortunately, there are several methods of navigating around the obstacles that can prevent writers from doing what they do best – writing.


  • Get excited about writing. Maybe there are a few rejection letters in the desk drawer, or the words don’t seem to come out right. Focus on the craft itself and not the glories of publication that may or may not come. Remember the joy in the process itself.
  • Don’t forget to read. As a writer, the importance of reading cannot be understated. Whether it is to coax the Muse, learn about writing techniques or enjoy a good story, reading is invaluable. Immersion into the works of favorite authors are a great way to jog inspiration.


  • Take a break. Recharging is as important for writers as it is for anybody else. Don’t write during holidays or vacations (unless you feel inspired). Spend time with family and friends. Keeping regular “holidays,” even if they are just weekends, is important to leveling the stress that can be associated with writing. You’ll come back to your work refreshed and ready.


  • Treat it like a job. For both writers and those around them, giving writing the same respect as a traditional nine-to-five is essential. Create a writing schedule that sets aside time each day to write. Write for fifteen minutes or three hours. Time doesn’t matter – getting words on the page is your only goal. No matter what occurs during the day, stick to the schedule, or modifications of it. Make it a priority and keep it as one.
  • Stick to it. Scribble and write trash, but don’t give up. Even Stephen King didn’t become a best-seller overnight. Write often, write messy, write good and bad. It doesn’t matter. Just write.

Ashley Pereira is a student and freelance writer. She is currently a contributing writer for To learn more about her and see more of her work, visit her website here.

Ashley Pereira

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