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Super quick tips to blast through writer’s block


Writer’s block — it’s the ultimate enemy to writers worldwide. Perhaps you’ve neglected your writing due to a lack of inspiration. Or a deadline is looming but the well is dry. Here are five simple and to-the-point methods of beating writer’s block:

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Search and synthesize. Browse the Internet for current articles. Draw inspiration, contribute your own opinion or synthesize something completely new from pieces you read.

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Take some time to let your mind wonder. Maybe the cause of your stalled thoughts is due to a storm of distracting thoughts clouding your mental clarity. Naturally work through them by taking some time to mono-task.

Do something novel or different per usual. A stimulation of new insight may break through the wall.

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Fake it until you make it. Just write whatever comes to mind until you stumble across a sweet spot that you can take and run with.

Walk away, then come back. Perhaps you have been on overdrive for too long. Take a nap, get lunch, or take your weekend as serious time off–whatever degree of recharge you need.

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Battle writer’s block with a tip or two. If all else fails, perhaps write about your experience to overcome writer’s block; it may just lead to the start of something new.

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