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As sun sets on summer, keep writing


As July winds down and August creeps onto the horizon, summer is nearing its end. Most of us will return to school soon. Here are some tips to keep the writing going hot as summer draws to a close:

keep writing

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Set up a schedule

Most of us start going back to school around the end of July. With homework and projects starting to come up, it will be hard to find time to write.

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Set up a schedule to prioritize yourself. Maybe do homework when you get home and the chores afterward. Then, as the night comes along, that can be your time to write. It will help keep things less chaotic.

Write down your ideas

When you get time and you have a brilliant idea come to mind of what your next story or writing piece may be, write down the idea so you won’t forget it. This will help you get a jump start on your writing accomplishments.

Write what you know

Lots of people have issues when they want to write something, but just cannot get the ideas flowing. Writer’s block can cloud the brain. However, writing what you know may save you from the dreaded curse of writer’s block.

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Write about your summer adventures — chilling on the beaches in California or snowboarding in Canada. Even writing about how the school year might go can get you geared up for writing again.

Have fun

Sometimes it’s hard to get excited to write again. Having fun and doing things really exciting can be enough to get your juices flowing toward creativity. Go to the mall with friends or catch a movie. Sometimes just reading a good book can be something to get you writing again.

Hopefully these tips are helpful. Simply, put your best foot forward and the ideas will hit you in no time.

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