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When strange shadows wake the imagination


The last few weeks I have been catching a shadowy figure out of the corner of my eye. He flutters and is fleeting when he knows he has my attention.

(Flickr: Steve Wilson)

(Flickr: Steve Wilson)

There is always some shifting, kind of shuffling sound that sends my glance his way.

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The strange thing is that it is summer and my once-quiet home office is now filled with life.

The kids and their friends are in and out, swimming, eating, watching television, eating more.

So, this figure that has been visiting me lately is a curious thing.

Wouldn’t some otherworldly creature –if that’s what he is — slink through the halls at night when it’s dark and, well, ominous and dark?

Another strange aspect of this experience is that I do not feel frightened, but rather have a familiar feeling about this shadow. It feels like I know him.

The mystery was solved in my dreams the other night. I was aware of this young man –again, catching my notice as he dipped in and out of the hallway of my home, peering around corners and then sitting in my kitchen.

He was not much older than 20-years-old with light, sandy hair that sat wispy and askew on his head — wait!

Suddenly, I realize in my dream that I know this kid — he’s a supporting character in my novel. The novel that I began as part of National Novel Writing Month in November.

The novel that inspired me, had me writing every day. The novel that has sat untouched and neglected for, let’s just say, awhile. (Seriously, don’t judge.)

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And here he is — reminding my writing soul that he is hanging around, patiently awaiting my notice. He needs my attention, after all. Otherwise his story will never be told.

When I woke, it took me a moment to shake the dream and then resolve to commit it to memory here in this blog entry.

Have you ever experienced such a thing?

Most writers are intuitive types, so it’s not unusual for an inner voice of spirit to send signals and reminders to the conscious mind.

For example — you’ve been writing and then ignoring — a story where you make mention of a purple sofa. Open your eyes and, chances are, purple sofas are appearing everywhere you look — at a local garage sale, in your dentist’s reception area, in the Sunday ads section.

That purple sofa is calling you. Do you hear it? Are you keeping your eyes open and focused on the stories and characters that are clamoring for a reader?

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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Kerri S. Mabee

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