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Standing up for great writing

All writers will have their own preference for how they write. Some will seek the solitude of a cushy quiet room that is removed from all distraction. Others may prefer the life of a bustling coffee house or pub with a special brew sitting a pen’s length from their busy hands.

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But, if you are having trouble keeping the creative juices flowing, then it might be time to get up and get moving.

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A quick read of how “Sex and the City” author Candace Bushnell wrote her new book “Killing Monica” while standing up, reminded me of another writing talent to have adopted such a stance – Ernest Hemingway.
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While Bushnell admits that she was pleasantly surprised when she dropped a few pounds by doing so, the real benefit of standing while writing was the ideas that it generated. She shares that movement actually stimulates her creativity and helps her brain to generate new ideas.

Hemingway, however, used the standing method as a way to urge him to completion. Standing at his writing desk served as a catalyst for a sense of urgency and an active mind.

The key word here? Active! Whether you are walking or standing or hiking and biking, the brain’s synapses are firing, so why not for your novel, memoir or children’s picture book? Too often, writers can become lured into the popular stereotype of writing as a sedentary activity.

Don’t be fooled. The reality is that the act of writing is a moving, grooving, making-it-happen kind of pursuit. Don’t miss the opportunity to have your imagination jogged by a windswept ride on a speedboat or by a dogged pursuit of fitness up and down a mountain of concrete stairs.

Ask yourself if you’re doing enough to spark your own writing spirit with exercise? If not, what can you do today to get things moving in the right direction?
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