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Social Publishing House to make impact in eBook market


Brian Gilb is a former Marine Corps Logistics Officer and trained foreign military advisor who speaks modern standard Arabic, Dari, and Egyptian Colloquial.

Brian Gilb (Courtesy image)

Brian Gilb (Courtesy image)

But, it was his passion for reading and writing and skills as a business entrepreneur that inspired him to found a publishing house where writers could publish their work and pursue their writing dreams.

Q: What is Social Publishing House?

A: Social Publishing House (SPH) is an eBook publishing company that focuses on quality production, evaluation and distribution of eBooks for readers and writers in the United States. The intent is to create a publishing company that makes group publishing a profitable option, offers quality control in books and helps guide the consumer into purchasing a book that directly benefits those who created it.

Q: What are the benefits of eBook publishing and how does SPH plan to make an impact in the publishing industry?

A: The benefits for eBook publishing are the reduced costs in production. Although the costs for putting a book together, such as editing, cover art and author platform building are still there, the company does not have to worry about printing, storage, freight or dealing with returns. This allows SPH to reduce its operating costs and turn those savings back into the authors and editors.

SPH plans to introduce a new concept of publishing and that is doing so in a group. Many authors believe that self-publishing means “do it all yourself” publishing.

By surrounding an author in a group with people of different skills, they increase their chances of success. This group collaboration method is what SPH plans to use to impact the publishing world.

Q: Where do you stand on the current eBook/self-publishing debate?

A: This is a very wonderful time of innovation in eBooks. The current market is working to figure itself out and how to best deliver content to readers. This trend is very similar to how the US auto industry was in the 1890s.

There were thousands of companies working on offering a better product, better production method and better ways to deliver a car to a consumer. Although things are chaotic, we will soon arrive to a method where we can deliver an eBook to a consumer that is high quality content and in a format that they deem the most convenient. What and how that will be, only time will tell.

Q: What basic tips do you have for anyone wishing to get in on the eBook market?

A: Focus on your craft, first and foremost. Once you have a great book and have done the due diligence with revising, going to writers groups, professional edits and cover art, etc., then you need to focus on the business end. I would suggest (if you plan to self-publishing an eBook) writing a business plan surrounding your book.

After all, your eBook is a product once it is finished. Treating it as such will help you understand what needs to be done in order to be successful.

Q: Where can we find your work and learn more about you?

A: Currently, SPH has two authors who are in production on a series of short stories we plan to sell through our website. You can follow along with us on our several social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+. You can also learn more about the company at our website. (links are below)

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