Six superstar qualities of successful writers


Hemingway may have done it standing up, but there are other, easier ways to become a successful writer.

(Flickr: Paul Kline)

(Flickr: Paul Kline)

Why, all it takes is to adopt just a few, simple new routines to keep your writing dreams alive and thriving.

Read on for six successful attributes of highly productive writers:

Dedication: Write every day. Whether for a publication or even in your personal journal, write daily in order to grow your skills and confidence. A writing ritual that involves a comfortable set of circumstances — soft lighting and music, a cozy chair or a even a poolside perch may be what you need to get the creative juices flowing. Resist procrastination with all that is in you.

Discipline: Set a daily word count for yourself — one that is manageable and realistic — and adhere to it without fail. This ritual will help you to see real and measured progress in your work. Some writers report that the early, pre-dawn morning hours are the most creative; others work best in the dark, quiet night.

Diligence: Read an eclectic selection of books, poetry, essays and even news reporting for a broad and all-encompassing understanding of a variety of genres. This will enhance your knowledge of your craft and fill your writing heart and mind with inspiring new ideas and thoughts for moving forward.

Diplomacy: Network with other writers. In fact, join of community of writers and seek their feedback and counsel. You will learn a lot from their mistakes and accomplishments. Likewise, share your feedback and experiences with other writers. Don’t be stingy with what you learn. Give freely of your time and knowledge so that the same might be done for you.

Daring: Every writer should reject his inner critic and pursue his dream with courage. Be fearless. Don’t be afraid to take risks with your words. See yourself as an innovative writer whose byline is deserving of a big-time book jacket. 

Desire: The pay is often poor and the accolades are scant, so writers who are truly successful are the ones with the greatest, purest desire to write. They see their writing as a calling, a mission, a must-do and can’t-live-without.

What are some additional attributes that we can add to this list? Tell me in the comments section below.

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