Rounding the bend in your writing journey


It’s the first day of spring and for many people around the world that means we have entered a time of renewal. Rebirth. Rejuvenation.


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But for some of us, we aren’t quite there. For some of us, we are still on our way to that moment of awakening. We may be still mired in the challenges of a dark winter. Or chugging along a path that seems far away from sun-drenched days of promise and potential.

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Today, I would say I am rounding a bend. I am turning a corner. I know it because I am beginning to feel at this age and stage of my life and my writing that a vision is taking shape.  It’s becoming clearer to me as I journey through challenges and the kind of joy that springs unexpectedly into my heart. Joy that doesn’t need to be so big anymore. The kind of joy that can be found in a cup of hot tea and a quiet morning, or in the smell of freshly cut grass or in the sound of the sudden crack of my son’s bat on a screaming fast ball.

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These moments materialize before me and they find their way into my writing, infusing my work with a richness and authenticity that are captured as one would grasp for a fleeting firefly. I am grateful for it.

But in this rounding, I also feel the tug and pull of the turn. I am drawn to an extreme place where doubt lies and anticipation roils my heart. I admit, I yield to the curve and sway, no matter how dark, because I know that there are lessons in that deep arch when I am not certain how long it will last or when the journey will finally straighten out and send me on my destined path.

Lessons in contentment and strength. And in love and patience.

Where are you in your life and writing journey? Are you rounding a bend? Or has your awakening come and are you pushing full-steam ahead?

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