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What do rookie and veteran writers have in common?


It may seem as though published and hopeful writers have nothing in common, but there is one goal they each share. Besides having a strong will or desire to write for the entertainment of readers, published authors and aspiring writers share the drive to have their stories told.

(Flickr: xlibber)

(Flickr: xlibber)

Both groups desire to educate the public on memorable past experiences. It is not uncommon for both beginning and experienced writers today to establish a sense of realism into the work. Some writers depict their life events with few alterations.

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In other words, authors will often incorporate personal life events to implicitly have their voices heard within the character. Real life experiences inspire published and aspiring writers to recreate stages of their life many times in fictional forms.

Popular young adult author Meg Cabot, known for her Princess Diaries collection, actively illustrates her teen years throughout her coming-of-age series. Every downfall that occurs in the central character’s life is closely connected to Cabot’s own life.

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Centrally targeted towards teens, Cabot allows the main character to go through common life obstacles many young adults must overcome. By creating a resemblance to her characters, Cabot discreetly reaches out to a younger audience. The central character in Cabot’s series ultimately teaches girls that it’s okay to be who they are.

From the eyes of this aspiring author, my work is centered on my experiences. Like the popular author Meg Cabot, I too take a similar route in creating relatable characters. The protagonist depicted in my work revolves around certain issues or concepts I’ve dealt with as a person.

My reason for doing so is not simply to have my story heard, but to provide closure to past unresolved incidents. I model my primary characters after the people and places in my life. This allows me to revisit true events and also add fictional aspects for my own pleasure.

Indeed, having a personal story fueled by inspiration can act as a powerful motivating force for writers at any stage of the game.

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