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Romance blossoms as writing lurks in the shadows


Romance is blooming in my current novel. It’s funny because I didn’t plan for it to happen this way.


Romance blossoms (Flickr: koutalou)

Of course, I have been testing a different writing ritual with this piece. It has called for a much more relaxed vibe of meditation and a let’s-see-where-the-story-takes-me approach.

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I begin every writing session with a clear mind and a blank slate, not knowing where I am heading and where I will end up before I reach my 2,000 word-count quota.

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Without planning it, romance has wafted into the story, swirling around the place like a whiff of sweet jasmine.

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How did it happen? It turns out that I love writing about these two characters. And whenever I write them in a scene together, my words just sing.

Romance lives

When they separate, the page mourns them. I mourn them. And I have found that I have had to generate ways for them to cross paths again. All of my chapters have since become a vehicle for bringing them to each other and letting them continue to explore each other just as I am now exploring them.

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I have built in their conflicts and I am patiently allowing them to work them through. And they are guiding me each day, telling me how they feel and how they know they must react to their own story and to each other.

I have found that when I try to impose my will upon them, sending either of them on a path of my choosing, not theirs, my writing grows halting and forced.

So, I am watching these two lovebirds and excited for the moment that I will know how their story ends. It is their ending to write. I am merely their steward.

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