On the road to wild writing dreams


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”


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Pulitzer Prize winning poet Mary Oliver poses this extraordinary question in her poem “The Summer Day” in which she challenges her readers to give serious thought to how they will make the most of their lives.

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This challenge, posited so beautifully and succinctly, is affixed to my computer courtesy of a sticky note and reminds me, pokes me and urges me forward in all my writing goals.

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I need the push because sometimes I feel I have all the time in the world. But, I know I do not. None of us is guaranteed tomorrow or even tonight. Whatever our writing ambitions, we must waste no time in pursuing them.

The New Year is approaching and that’s a time when we all settle on some goals and resolutions. So, that’s great. But, for a life that is precious and wild and temporary, we must act now.

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Whatever dreams you have for publication, pursue them now. Whatever goals you have for finally bringing an idea to life, write them on the page now. Whatever story is swimming in your brain, capture it now. Understand that Time does not belong to you. It is not yours. It is on loan.

Don’t wait for the New Year. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Pull out a pad a paper and pencil and start to scribble out your writing future. And then commit to doing the same every day for as long as it takes to finally achieve your dreams.

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And here’s a little secret – anyone who sees their life on this planet as wild and precious and extraordinary and all things wonderful is going to be an amazing writer. So, write with abandon today. Toss your fears and worries to the wind and follow a new course. One that takes you on a new, thrilling path.

Your future readers will thank you.

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