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When it comes to writing, most of us would agree that we have ideas that go on for days and days, inspiration to beat the band and enough words to fill hundreds of pages.


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The only problem to factor into the picture? Focus.

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Likely just as many writers who can tout a sea of ideas could also admit to a few stalled projects that now languish in a desk drawer. The good news is you can return to those ideas and re-purpose those ideas by rekindling some of the magic you first felt when writing:

  • Take some time to revisit some of the ideas that your yesterday-self felt excited about. Excited enough to spew 12,000 words into a preliminary draft.
  • Read thoroughly and try to recall what it was about those snippets of inspiration that motivated you. What were you thinking at the time? What was happening in your life and where were you in your writers’ journey?
  • Now consider where you are today. What has changed in your life or in the world at large and how can that be factored into your stalled piece to make it a living, breathing manuscript once more? Perhaps those intricacies can add a previously overlooked plot twist. Or introduce a new character or plotline. Or maybe switch gears by changing up a character’s point of view.
  • Fold in some of the new elements to your novel for added energy and excitement. Punch up the language so that it is even more expressive and full of imagery. Then, sit back and watch as an old idea becomes new again!

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