Recycle old writing ideas for new inspiration

Are you feeling inspired today? Hopefully you are. Do you feel inspired every day? Well, that’s unlikely.
It can be a tough thing to maintain a constant level of enthusiasm that allows for the innovation of new words, cool phrases and brilliant ideas – every darn day.


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Chances are, if you have been writing a long enough time, then you will have a treasure trove of old ideas that can be amazing again with a fresh coat of inspiration:
Return to old stories, notebooks and dictated audio files for a reminder of all those rush-to-find-a-pen moments where an idea struck and had to be put to paper.
Reexamine some of those old notions and consider ways to apply a fresh spin. It could be that a new twist is all that is needed for the words to sing.
Recycle your long forgotten plot lines and abandoned characters into your current projects for a real kick of inspiration.
Revitalize your writing goals and passion with a glance to the past, but always with an eye trained on the future.
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Kerri S. Mabee

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