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Quiet that negative little voice inside your head


It’s in there. You know it is. You hear it nearly every day and every time you sit down to write. It’s that little voice that tells you “no.” For such a teeny little thing, that voice can have quite a powerful and devastating effect on your writing potential. So, just how do you quiet that voice? The one that says your writing is crap and that your hopes for publication are a fruitless fantasy?


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Drown out the negative messages with positive affirmations. If you must, write out those affirmations as though you would in a script and say them aloud each day. Whenever you find negative thoughts beginning to mushroom, stomp them out with more forceful, positive messages.

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The literary world is filled with stories of writers who rejected the niggling voice that tried to plant doubt and insecurity in their minds. Many of those writers went on to achieve successful careers. Reach out to your writing colleagues – in person and online – and let them tell you how they overcome their own doubts.

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Meditation is useful tool for quieting the mind and redirecting it towards a more place.There are books, online sites and meditation gurus who can teach you the best way to reach a peaceful place in your mind.

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Quiet that voice by accepting that your work is not only imperfect, but it is perfectly unique. Your work will and should be like no other.To try to match your style to that of a famed writer is foolhardy. The world worships just one Hemingway. There is only one Poe. So, give the world you.

How do you overcome your writing doubts and insecurities? Share in the comments section below.

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