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Quick write: What is your writing perspective?


Perspective is an interesting thing. At first glance, this captivating pic by Flickr photog Thomas Tolkien might speak metaphorically to a writer who feels stuck, run ashore and stalled amidst the muck of paralyzing indecision and a directionless vision.

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Photo by Tom Tolkien (


Are you there? Are you washed up on some unknown beach without a clue of how you will write your way out of a scene or find your voice in your own memoir? Maybe this picture evokes feelings of the hopelessness of a dead end.

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What if your perspective was different?

Yes, you have pulled up to some foreign land, but the scene that unfolds before you is thrilling. Everything part of the view awakens some new inspiration — sea grass swaying in the breeze, jutting cliffs giving way to the sand below, waves gently lapping and puddling on the shore, gulls screeching overhead.

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You step outside of the boat and feel your feet sink into the slurping mud and you can’t wait to explore. What is this place? What are its secrets? And how can they serve your writing?

As part of your quick write exercise today, consider your own writing perspective. Do you see your writing life for all of its wonderful craziness? Or does that chaos defeat your writing efforts?

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Finally, think about ways that you can alter your perspective so that everything that you see and experience propels your writing forward. Force yourself to be inspired, even in circumstances that challenge you.

And if you’re feeling especially motivated, take some time to write about and describe this photo as it relates to your own writing perspective.

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