Quick write: Write to light up the taste buds


We all know how summer feels, but today let’s write about how summer tastes.

(Flickr: Auburn Alumni Association)

(Flickr: Auburn Alumni Association)


Whether you are writing poetry, a screenplay or the Great American novel, it’s always important to tap the senses in your storytelling.

Enhance the reading experience by immersing your audience in the tastes, touch, smells and sounds of the setting you have created.

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So, just what is the experience of eating a strawberry like? Describe it as though your reader has never enjoyed one.

Use unique language that is literary and thoughtful. Or sensual. Or poignant. Or playful and fun.

Is there a downside to munching on this sweet treat? Perhaps catching a taste of mold or an unruly stem? Or maybe there is a certain childhood memory surrounding the fruit that will inspire your writing today.

Bon apetit!

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Kerri S. Mabee

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