Quick write: Well wishes for writers


Have you ever given much thought to wishing wells?

(Flickr: tercerojista)

(Flickr: tercerojista)


Chances are, you haven’t.

Modern travelers often come upon beautiful fountains and dig pennies out their pockets for children to toss into the water in exchange for a dream come true.

But, many of us may not realize that this ritual of wishes from water dates back many hundreds of years in European folklore.

Recognizing that water was the source of all life, some ancient cultures believed that such a gift from the gods could be counted on to spring forth even more gifts.

Dropping coins into a well was thought of as a sort of payment for a wish.

The notion of water and wishes can be an engaging one for writers.

I have long referred to my own creative energy as “dipping into the well” of inspiration. When I am made tired or overwrought by an extended period of writing, I feel as though my words and ideas dry up.

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I have learned that I need to take time to allow this “writing well” of mine to regenerate and fill with those life-giving waters again.

What I don’t always consider, but should, is what currency I can employ to grow the well, make the waters deeper, fresher and even more fulfilling.

Is the idea of tossing coins into a fountain foolhardy or shrewd?

Share your thoughts here. What can you do to enrich the waters of your writing well? What wishes do you have for your own writing career?

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