Quick write: Use memory to spark inspiration


I have a memory. I have a memory of cow pastures and chocolate milk and broad, blue forever-skies in Western Pennsylvania.


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I have a memory of wind chimes whipping wild in a Santa Ana windstorm.

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I have a memory of sun-soaked days spent lounging poolside with an iced-tea glass sweating and skin sizzling brown in the swelter.

And I remember snow, a snowy day never meant to happen in Southern California where children squealed and parents hurriedly snapped photos.

Memory is a potent tool for our writing that can spark inspiring thoughts and words or perhaps even send our narratives spinning in a new and exciting direction.

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What are you most poignant memories? Take a moment to reflect on them and then write them down. Take at least one of those memories and draw them out for a rich telling. Use all of your senses – taste, touch, sight, sound and smell – to bring the moment to life for your reader.

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When writing your own stories, whether a memoir, mystery or high-stakes thriller, consider how you can infuse memory into your characters’ history for a deeper, richer storytelling experience. Where can you add in a memory and how has memory directed the course of your heroine and her foe? Do they haunt her? Or inspire her?

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