Quick write: Trick-or-treat schemes and writing dreams


Trick-or-treat! Welcome to the one day of the year where children and grown-ups get to dress up and make believe they are something vile and villainous, bizarre or beautiful.


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The trick-or-treat tradition stretches back nearly 100 years, and, according to, can claim a loose connection to “ancient Celtic festivals, early Roman Catholic holidays, medieval practices and even British politics.”

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That said, this ghoulish day is more popular than ever, especially among American families who jump at the chance haunt their local neighborhoods and dip into a serious candy stash before the night is over.


Step away from your current writing project and reflect on the trick-or-treat memories of your past. What were your fears as a child? What was your favorite costume? Did you have any frightening moments? Recall that spooky house in your neighborhood — were you brave enough to step up to the door and ask for your treat?

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Think on your best moments and your worst experiences on this night and then describe them here.

What are your main character’s memories of trick-or-treat? Would he have dressed as a superhero? Or as a ghastly ghost?

Is there any way that you could or should incorporate Halloween into your narrative? How would it advance the plot?

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