Quick write: Pause and ponder, become inspired today


I came across a word recently that I hadn’t seen or thought of for a long while. The word was “bough.”

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(Flickr: Liz West)

(Flickr: Liz West)

The word stopped me in my tracks and sent me scurrying for an image that would match the feeling it had just sparked within me.

Words have a way of doing that to me.

It’s a little strange, I guess. I doubt that few people would understand the pull that words and ideas can have on us writer-types.

What does this word or image say to you?

Bending? Never breaking? Outstretched and laden with leaves? Lofty perch for some lucky bird?

What words have you feeling inspired? Ponder this notion in your writing today. Or share your thoughts below.

Kerri S. Mabee is managing editor at and founder of Breeze Media & Communications. Learn more about her at kerrismabee.comFollow @EducatedWriter.
Kerri S. Mabee

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