Quick write: Let imagination be your guide


Imagination can be a beautiful thing, especially when it’s applied to an image like the one offered here. The tree, bare and spindly, stands tall against the blue sky, green grass backdrop. 


(Flickr: stephane)

But, perhaps most compelling is the round, stone structure that looms behind it. What would a curious mind find inside that building? And how has life transformed around it throughout the years?

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Imagine what life was and would be like perched on this verdant hillside. Is the stone structure a remnant of an ancient. larger manse that played host to some royal family?

Or is it a contemporary building that serves a modern purpose by day, but lures teen interlopers by night?

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Give your imagination a workout by describing the scene in the photograph and then developing a quick story around it.

Be sure to bring to life the feelings that are experienced in the image. Appeal to the reader’s senses by using words that evoke a rich sense of taste and touch, sight, sound and smell.

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Where does this photo take you in your current project today? Does is spark some new plot twist?

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