Quick write: Be inspired by winter’s stark landscape


As the world settles into the New Year, many of us are looking out our windows and seeing landscapes that are stark and simple and, well, dead. Trees are mostly bare and spindly and the earth is brown, or maybe white. And the sky gives us varying shades of gray with mere hints of the berry blue that somewhere, someday will once again announce the sun.

Flickr: Daniel Stark

Flickr: Daniel Stark

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As you go about your day, revel in a stark landscape. Embrace it for its nuanced beauty. Notice shadows where you can find them. Inhale the damp, dank air.

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Feel the extra sway of the soft earth at your footfall. Scan the sky and watch it move across the globe as it sends slanting shafts of weak sun across the horizon. Then, write.

Let the winter landscape inspire your thoughts, characters and your stories. Infuse your poetry with words that celebrate the season.

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Allow blustery winds to blow a new direction into your current writing project. Look for beauty in the plainness that surrounds you – a shivering puddle, a scattered crimson sunrise or even a broken twig.

What sights and sounds are inspiring your writing today? Share in the comments section below.

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