Quick write: Go to extremes in your writing


As the East coast suffers under the weight of a massive blizzard, those of us in the west – at least in sunny So Cal — have been enjoying warm, balmy temps in the 80s. 

Snow in Death Valley (Courtesy of Greg Quirin)

Snow in Death Valley (Courtesy of Greg Quirin)

However, even in one of the hottest, driest, lowest spots in the country, snow can manage to fall.

With temperatures that have reached as high as 134 degrees, this November photo of Death Valley blanketed in snow demonstrates the volatile nature of climate in the area.

Describe the scene in this pic courtesy of photographer Greg Quirin.

And consider for a moment the extreme conditions that are present in this famed region. Give thought to the contrast of snow-capped peaks surrounding a barren desert floor.

Where does this photo take you in your writing today?

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