Quick write: Follow the silence for inspired writing


Every so often a scene will be depicted in a photograph that speaks solely to the senses.  This beautiful photo by Rachel Kramer screams silence to me.


(Flickr: Rachel Kramer)

The gentle curve of the creek, bending its way through the snowy wood and then under the bridge is so graceful in its quietness and whispering softly to admirers.

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For any artist, it’s vital that we not only work with our senses, but we must awaken the senses of our audience too. We should bring our scenes to life with color and touch, taste and sound.

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But how often do we defer to the notion of silence? In our writing and in our lives?

We are so consumed by sound these days from our televisions and car stereos, cars zooming and helicopters hovering and the constant hum and chatter of children and their games. It can sometimes be easy to forget the sheer, significant power of quiet.

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We forget how a brief silence can confound a conversation, or decimate a marriage. How it can rattle nerves and even inspire the writing mind.

Silence can keep secrets. It can build an alliance. It can quiet a soul and link it to spirit.

Where can you infuse silence into your life and writing? How will it move your characters and plot line along?

When is the last time you were able to achieve a silent moment for the purpose of gathering your thoughts and then shelving them for a brief respite against the daily noise and chatter than can consume and distract you?

Strive for silence today and see where it takes your current writing project.

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Kerri S. Mabee

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