Quick write: Fall into your best writing today


For those of us who live in sunny Southern California, it’s not such an easy thing to know when autumn has settled around us.

(Flickr: Nana B. Agyei)

(Flickr: Nana B. Agyei)

But, autumn does come to So Cal. It makes a very subtle, nearly imperceptible debut.

Some trees begin to color brown and drop their leaves. The night breezes just a bit cooler. And the sun weakens every so slightly, sending long, warm shafts of golden light across the lawn.

Take a moment to stop and look around you today. Look for the most unlikely places that fall has appeared.

Where can you infuse this revelation into your current writing project?

Feeling creative? Wax poetic on autumn’s arrival.

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Kerri S. Mabee

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