Quick write: Delve beneath the surface


Dive into a lake and you might expect a murky greeting. But this is not so much the case in this strikingly cool pool. Open your eyes and you’ll be surprised to find a rock-strewn bed of color on the lake’s floor.


Flickr: Esther Lee

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For your writing exercise today, take notice of how gently lapping water’s ebb and flow reveals the slick and gleaming treasures beneath the surface.

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Consider how the hues are altered by the light. Give thought to how the rocks would feel in your hands and under your feet.

If you were to delve deeper and pull away the rocks, layer by layer, what would you find there? A hard-packed, unforgiving earthen floor? Or a yielding mush of salt and sand? Which is more appealing? Which description best matches your protagonist?

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And for your own growth, look deeply inside your own writing mind and see what interesting things are found there. Are those things bright and colorful, unique and surprising? Or is there something more sinister and hard, dark and villainous?

Whether your write or simply meditate on such ideas, let them bring you to a place of discovery in your current writing project today.

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