Quick write: Do your characters bend or break?


Check out this wonderfully windswept tree.

It reminds me of the ancient Greek play “Antigone,” where the headstrong Creon is reminded that a tree that bends does not break.

Windswept tree (Flickr: lotopspin)

Windswept tree (Flickr: lotopspin)

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Take a moment to write a paragraph or two describing this battered tree.

Or perhaps consider how and where in your life you are in danger of breaking in two because you are standing up against an overwhelming storm.

Maybe one of your characters is weathering a similar storm – will she bend or break? It’s a small, but significant question to ask yourself as you craft your characters’ world views.

Be careful not to cheat your heroine — or reader — out of a character that is fully developed and immersed in the world that you have created for her.

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