Quick write: The calm before the storm


This photo by Jenny Downing beautifully captures the essence of the calm before the storm. So still and quiet, braced and resolute–these fragile blooms are awaiting what looks to be quite a downpour from the dark clouds that hover overhead.

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calm before the storm

(Flickr: Jenny Downing)


The notion of such calm and presence is a powerful one. We have all found ourselves in a similar place, certainly, where we have braced for dark times ahead or prepared ourselves for some ferocious battle that lay on the horizon.

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Take some time today to reflect on the feelings experienced in such a moment. Where did you find the resolve and courage to face your challenges? Did you stand tall or did you succumb to the urge to wither?

Jot down a paragraph or two where you describe in exquisite detail just that precise moment where you hold silent and steady and wait for the storm to reach you. Use all your senses to convey real meaning and emotion to the reader.

Or simply describe the photo that is shared here in this post in full and vivid color.

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Finally, give some thought to where you can infuse the idea of the calm before the storm into your current writing project. Perhaps what you have seen as a stall in your narrative is actually the perfect spot to allow the winds of change to swirl about your characters and bring them to some new and exciting place.

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What does this look like? How does the earth stand still in that moment for your heroine? Does she have an inkling of what is to come? Does she experience a sense of foreboding or a feeling of impending release?

Write today and enjoy!

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