Quick write: Breezes bring inspiration


Among some of my favorite things are the spring breezes that bring us closer each day to summer. For some of us that means that we will take advantage of all that warm, swirling goodness to step outside and hang a line – of laundry, that is.


Flickr: Paul Williams

Of course, modern machines that are faster, sleeker and more convenient than the sun are so much sexier. But, I am one of those souls who relish in the memories of my mother hanging freshly-washed sheets on a clothesline, carefully pulling the pins from her deep apron pockets and applying them one-by-one until the sheet made a perfectly taut picture.

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Consider the image here and take a moment to put your senses to work. Think about the sounds the fabric makes as it flaps in the wind and how the laundry needs to be wrestled and tugged into submission as you pull it down.

Paint a word picture of the blaze of white plastered against a cloudless blue sky with the green carpet below. Or better yet – imagine a dark cloud that moves in and threatens your clean clothes.

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Then, think about the smell. Write about the smell of sunshine and how it feels to hold it to your nose and inhale Nature’s true aroma.

How can this image inspire your writing today? Or even inspire the lives of your characters?

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