Quick write: These boots were made for talkin’


This unique photo comes from photographer Greg Quirin who shares that this shot of an old pair authentic western boots was captured at a very remote, no-access mine in Death Valley.

Death Valley boots (Photo by Greg Quirin)

Death Valley boots (Photo by Greg Quirin)


Take a close look at the picture. Then, devote a few minutes to describing the scene in your own words.

Or consider letting those boots take you on a journey. What stories would these boots tell? Where have they been? What dusty trails have they traveled?

What kind of man wears such a boot? Describe his gait while walking in them.

And what were the circumstances surrounding being left behind at this abandoned mine in the one of the hottest, most desolate spots on Earth?

Perhaps this photo will spark some part of your imagination and get you moving on your own writing path.

Feeling inspired yet?

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Kerri S. Mabee

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