Quick write: Autumn writing stirs new ideas


Ponder autumn as part of our quick write exercise for this week. I love this beautiful fall photo by Flickr photog Liz West for so many reasons.  First, there is the quaint building in the foreground with dozens of vibrantly orange pumpkins surrounding it.


Autumn (Flickr: Liz West)

But, then there is also the sky made hauntingly dense by the fog in the background. Is morning dawning or is night descending?

Autumn quick write:

Take a moment to describe what fall looks like where you live and work today. Has the sun lost its shine? Or are warm shafts of gold mingling on your lawn?

Do you feel the stirring of cool air? Or has Nature sent along a last blast of summer heat to warm you before winter blankets the earth?

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How has your home been transformed with the changing light of day and the early call of night? At what moment did you first realize that the earth had begun its tilt away from the sun?

Perhaps these autumn days are not a favorite of yours. You may miss the long days and short nights. Or you may associate the season with sour old school memories of long bus rides home.

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And have you given thought to the seasonal shifts in your current writing project? Are your characters experiencing spring, summer, fall or winter? How do they feel about the weather? Will the weather have an impact on the narrative in any way? Will there be a violent storm? Or maybe there will be a day so hot that the heat shimmies off the pavement.

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