Prose app promises a pocket full of imagination


Some writers are looking to do more than just write — they want to be heard. And for those writers there is Prose.


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Developed by author and entrepreneur Jeff Stewart, Prose is a new app that offers writers of every age and stage a venue for writing and connecting with like minds.

Stewart says that the idea came to him when while visiting in Texas and noticing during his travels how so many people were tethered to their smartphones.

“If people are going to be (engaged) on their phones, then it occurred to me that they should actually do something that is cognizant and productive. And people do want to write. So, this makes reading and writing cool again,” Stewart says.

Created as a mobile app, Prose allows writers, poets and even novelists to compose, edit and publish their writing instantly. Fellow Prose posters are then welcomed to offer encouragement, make positive, constructive comments and even invite each other to participate in writing challenges and other spontaneous activities that promote engagement.

“I have found that people do care about what you have to say,” Stewart says, adding that the goal is to create a global community of writers and readers.

Stewart, a Seattle-based novelist and one-time freelance journalist, is actively traveling the country to promote Prose, a platform that some have suggested is like Facebook for writers.

For those wishing to download the app, check out iTunes.

To learn more about this new and innovative means for elevating language and the noble profession of writing, visit




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