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Put pen to paper for more thoughtful writing


Recently you may have scribbled a phone number on the back of an envelope or jotted a to-do list in your planner. But, when’s the last time you put pen to paper?

pen to paper

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We know that schools all over America have introduced laptops in hopes that their students will explore words through the use of technological advancements. Unfortunately, this has replaced the old-fashioned pen.

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Are you aware that taking notes electronically actually hampers the ability to retain information? Breakthrough studies have shown four major benefits of applying a pen or pencil to paper.

First, writing enhances more powerful conceptual understanding. When one writes manually, he cultivates a more substantial response to the material and thereby experiencing greater success in implementing information than those who take notes on their laptops.

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Additionally, the brain is proven to work harder when using a pen or pencil. Scientists hypothesize that handwriting demands contrasting types of subjective cognition. Because one can only write so quickly, the brain must filter only the most important bits of information.

Nevertheless, keyboarding allows a student or writer to encompass all possible data a subject says as long as she  can type as fast as the other talks. While this may seem as an advantage, it is actually a detriment because a student cannot fully understand the facts she is determined to possess.

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Also, handwriting aids both short- term and long-term memory. This is why flashcards are known as an effective way to study. One’s own handwriting provokes a familiarity that texts cannot suggest because one is composing the substance in his own words.

Finally, handwriting supports more focus because there are fewer distractions. When she has pen and paper, there is little that can lure a writer from her ambitions.  This helps writers grow and deepen their appreciation for the craft.

So, the next time you are contemplating  between bringing a laptop or notebook to class, remember that pen provides more engagement.

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