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Don’t look down: Overcome obstacles as you write

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

–Henry Ford


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A recent trip to beautiful Reno, Nevada inspired a visit to nearby Virginia City. The historic mining town that played host to an emerging young journalist named Samuel Clemens lay just beyond a windy mountain pass.

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From the base, the view of the cars that crisscrossed the mountain on their ascent seemed harmless enough. It wasn’t until we climbed steeper and steeper still on the sharp-turned two-lane track that my palms began to sweat and my heart pound.

My nervousness grew to near panic every time I drove the car around a swooping bend and caught sight of the world beneath us.

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“Just keeping looking forward. Don’t let your eyes wander to the side and you’ll be fine,” my husband urged me as I drove.

I heeded his advice, mostly because I had no choice. There was nowhere that I could pull over and surrender the wheel to him. So, I kept my eyes on the road, staring straight ahead until we reached the top.

After a few turns and many more palpitations, our journey finally opened up on a magical little town tucked into a mountainous perch that overlooked a broad, sweeping valley below. Suddenly, I did not regret the perilous drive.

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I see many parallels in my own writing climb. I have learned that when I can keep myself focused on the road ahead of me, I am not so distracted by the obstacles that surround me. If I become distracted, I can feel overcome by my own fears and doubts.

It is only when I have reached the top that I allow myself to look down and around and marvel at how far I have come.

What kinds of obstacles are you facing in your writing today? Where are you on your writing climb? Near the top or just getting started?

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