Network for fun, furthering your writing career


Industry professionals will tell you –it’s important to network. The advice is key for many writers who are inclined to melt into obscurity as they pound away at a manuscript.


Network for writing success (Flickr: John Haslma)

Emerging from the think tank is crucial for inspiration, but also for growing your brand and building a platform for your writing. It’s also great for dipping into a little fun, too.

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What’s that? You’re not sure where to go or what to do? There are all kinds of unique and creative ways to meet up with writers just like you.

Network for Fun

–Join a writers group in your area. Meeting up with like-minded individuals who each have a project underway will help you to stay fresh, current and inspired to keep moving ahead on your own project.

–Sign up to take part in a critique group. This is a great way to get some helpful writing feedback, but to also share your expertise with others.

Network for Advancement

–Participate in a writers’ workshop. These often carry a cost, but can serve as an invaluable tool for advancing your writing ambitions.

–Attend writing conferences as a way of expanding your writing circle, but also letting others in the industry know about you.

–Take part in online groups — think LinkedIn — that offer opportunities for professionals to engage and share information on a variety of web-based forum platforms.

–Join professional organizations as a way of increasing your visibility, but also enjoying the perks of industry information, resources and support.

Network for Inspiration

–Create a writing partnership with a trusted peer. Send work back and forth for feedback and encouragement. Arrange to meet for coffee on a weekly basis to keep each other motivated and on task.

–Start up a book club. Yes, a book club. Reading with a group of friends and co-workers will allow you to gain some unique and authentic insights into the hearts and minds of readers.

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