In need of inspiration? Try these writing tips


Are you feeling ready to write, but short on inspiration? There are many things that writers can do to keep those creative embers sparking.


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Oh yes, sandy beaches, sunsets and snow-capped mountains are all wonderfully inspiring spots. But, who has the time for that?

And, coffee. Yes, coffee is a great way to jump start your writing juices, too. But there are other ways to get your writing going.

Read on for a quick list of where to find inspiration:

Listen in on conversations. You are riding the subway or waiting in line at the DMV.  Eavesdrop on the conversations around you and make a note of the drama that is unfolding in strangers’ lives. Pay close attention to how the dialogue unfolds. Is the conversation rushed or angry? Hushed or dreamy? Too close or secretive? Allow those intimacies to inform your own writing of dialogue or lead you to a new plot point in your novel.

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Try something new. Perhaps you haven’t ridden a bicycle since childhood. Climb on and start pedaling. Feel the burn in your calves and your breath leaving your chest in measured beats. Grow a garden. Take a country line dancing lesson.  Be bold. Be fearless. Be open to new ideas and see where it takes you.

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Music is a powerful Muse. But, rather than tune into your typical Top-40 radio station, listen to sounds that are unique and unknown to you. Open yourself to the strains of Mozart, the lofty echoes of a Gregorian chant or even close your eyes and meditate on the sounds of wind chimes knocking around in your back yard. Consider the feelings evoked by those sounds. To what places are you transported in this state of mind?

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Watch the world. Read books. Check in on the news. Study history. Watch a baseball game. Yes, baseball. The fact is there are stories emerging all around us everyday in politics and the world stage. On ball fields and inside locker rooms. Heroes striving for good. Villains vying for power. The good guy doesn’t always win and sometimes, evil appears to triumph. Allow those stories to inspire your own writing.

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