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Need a lift? Sweet dreams can spark inspired writing

dream landscape

Dream landscape (Courtesy image)

Last night I dreamed I lived in a palatial home near the sea.

This is actually a recurring dream and the house is always the same – dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows, a sumptuous loft and a secret bedroom with lush furnishings and an adjoining marble bathroom just off a dark and narrow hallway.

Last night however, a new room was added – another secret, hideaway spot behind the kitchen with plush, cream-colored couches and a stacked-stone hearth. A fire crackled and candlelight flickered, warming the cozy space.

I was thrilled because I decided that this would be my new writing spot – tucked away from the noise and bustle of my home and family.

And then I woke up.

Whenever I experience this dream, I feel comfortable and familiar. I feel like I belong there, so when I awake, the disappointment at leaving this place is palpable.

If I had to guess at its meaning, I would say it has something to do with exploring new and unrealized parts of my mind and soul as I dip deep into my writing well.

In this dream, I constantly discover new spaces – grand and gleaming or intimate and sparkly – that I could equate with a creative psyche that is pumped, primed and ready to pour forth ideas.

The trick is finding a way to tap into that dream state, recognize its potential and funnel its energy onto the page.

What have you been dreaming about lately? Are you knocking around in the past? Have your dreams appeared dark and ominous, seeming to hold some sort of warning? Do they have you nuzzling in the arms of a forbidden love?

Be sure to write them down and explore their meaning. It’s possible that they hold the key to your recent writing slump or that they are sending you an important message for your manuscript.

Not dreaming? Sure you are.

Before you drift off, resolve to remember your dreams by commanding your brain to reveal them to you in the morning.

A simple word or suggestion of “Tonight I will dream and tomorrow I will remember my dream” may unlock the door for a peek into that netherworld where imagination runs amok – unchecked or censored.

Kerri S. Mabee is managing editor of Word: Home of the Educated Writer. Learn more about her at

Kerri S. Mabee

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